Srimate Srivan Satakopa Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra Maha Desikan (46th Azhagiyasingar)


VedAnta Desika Yateendhra KaDAkshalaBdha
Trayyanta sAramanavadhya guNam BudhAgryam
NaarAyaNAdhya Yatidhurya krupAbhshiktam
SrIranganAtha YatiSEkharam ASarayAma:

The 46th Pattam Srimath Azhagiya Singar is a brilliant Vedic Scholar and an authority on Dharma Saastram and Vaidhika anushtAnams. He is a renowned Bruhaspathy. He is a parama Saathvikar and Jn~AnushtAna VairAgya Sevadhee. He has been honored by Vedic Sangeetha Foundation of Chennai three years ago and has been an active participanat in many Sri Matam Kaimkaryams.He is well known for His KuSaagra Buddhi and Managerial skills.He is fluent in number of languages. Most of all Thirukkudanthai Rg Veda GhanapAdi Swamy has the paripoorNa anugraham of Prakrutham Azhagiya Singar , who proudly points out that in all the history of Sri Matam , GhanapAdi Swamy is the First NithyAgnihOtri.

Birth and Early Life

In the present day context, only a handful of families have maintained an unbroken Veda adyayana lineage that could be traced back to many centuries in the past. It is lord Lakshmi Nrisimha's kripa kataksham that a few families still exist that stick to the rigorous vaideeka traditions irrespective of changes in social tastes and preferences.

The Aani masam of Manmatha Varusham in 1955 (June 23, 1955) was a special day in a Vaideeka family belonging to Koundinya gotram, in Thillai Vilagam, Thiruvarur District, TN. A baby boy was born as fourth child to devout dampathis, Shri Bhaktavatsalachariar and Shirmathi Rajalakshmi. The child was named Rangarajan and proper vedic samskarams were performed at the appropriate time. At that time the child's father was Chief Administrative Officer (Peshkar) at Rameshwaram Temple Devasthanam.

The child belonged to an extraordinary lineage of vaideekas both on the maternal and paternal side. The paternal grandfather, Thirumakottai Ichampadi Krishnamachariar was a celebrated Bruhaspathy and was a leading authority in Prayogams. The maternal grandfather, Paruthicheri Venkatachariar was an Aaradhakar at our Matam during the time of 40th and 41st Azhagiyasingars.

Academic Accomplishments

The parents performed Upanayanam at the right age. The young boy, now qualified to pursue Veda adyayanam, started off without delay. He completed Rig Veda Adyayanam Kramaantam at Thiruvaiyaru Ammal Agraharam under the tutelage of Subramanya Ganapaatigal. Swamy learnt the Brahmanam and Aaranya baagams under the careful supervision of Krishnamurthy Ganapaatigal of Sankara matam in Kumbakonam. People who know Swamy from his patashala days, vouch for his strict adherence to austere acharams and anushtanams.

Swamy completed study of Veda Angams including Sheeksha, Chandas, Vyakaranam, Niruktam and Jyotisham under the tutelage of Thirumalai Nasrethpettai Brahmashri Shiva Rama Krishna Saastrigal. Swamy also completed the study of Veda Baashyam.

It needs to be mentioned that Rig Veda is the longest of 4 vedas; it takes extra ordinary dedication, perseverance, countless 'Thiruvais' (practice sessions) and blessings of Veda mata to complete poorna adyayanam uptil Ganam. In order to preserve the sanctity of Swarams different techniques were prescribed within Rig Vedam itself by the Rishis. These include Vaakya, Pada, Krama, Jata, Maala, Sikha, Rekha, Dhwaja, Danda, Ratha, and Ghana. A devoted student can only proceed step by step in the above order to reach the status of 'Ganapaati'. Swamy did not stop at that. He became a 'Salakshana Ganapaati' as well. This meant Swamy had mastered the art of arriving at a particular swaram for an aksharam based on its lakshana which included the word or asksharam's varnam, physical positioning amidst other aksharams, grammatical positioning, absolute meaning, contextual meaning etc. Swamy had truly been blessed by Veda maata to achieve such a high standard of scholastic achievement. This is a rarity within the Shri Vaishnava community.

It is proof enough that sishyas like us should place extreme importance to every single word uttered by Swamy as it is not him but Veda Maata herself speaking through him. Lakshmi Nrisimhan did not want Swamy to stop at this. Swamy went on to acquire working knowledge in prayoga Mantrams in Yajur and Sama Vedams. This helped perform his Bruhaspathy kainkaryam with aplomb. Swamy is perhaps one of the very few vaideekas in the whole of India with working knowledge of prayogams in functional Veda shakais in present times.

Swamy learnt Azhwar Shrisooktis, Dharma Shaastram and Veda Prayogams from his uncle Paruthicheri Aarvamudachariar.

Sampradayic Knowledge

Swamy underwent Samashrayanam at the hands of 44th Azhagiyasingar who also blessed him with Baranyasam. Swamy also had the benefit of granta chatushtaya kalakshepam under the feet of 44th Mukkur Azhagiyasingar. Swamy also underwent kalakshepam under Agni Hotram Ramanuja Tatacharya swamy in Shirmath Rahasya Traya Saram.

Honours and Accomplishments

Swamy was a renowned Bruhaspathy capable of performing vaideeka karmas in 3 vedas (Rig, Yajur and Sama). He is an expert in Dharma Shaastram and anushtanams. Honours and awards come running to anyone who is blessed by Veda mata. Swamy is a very special child of Veda mata. Awards and honours wanted to be associated with Swamy and came running to him for the honour of being associated with him.

He was awarded the title of Veda Ratnam by Shrimath Poundareekapuram Andavan Swamy in 2006. Other titles include Rig Veda Kalpa Taru, Srutyachara Kalanidhi, Veda Moorthy, Saangadhyayee Salakshana Ganapaati, Dashagranthi, Bhaashyagnya and Veda Choodamani. These titles were conferred by leading acharyas and institutions including Shrimushnam Shrimath Andavan, Gujara Ambaji Devasthanam, Veda Dharma Shaastra Paripalana Sabha, Shringeri Sankara Matam and Vedic Sangeetha Foundation.

Swamy is a polyglot and can converse in several Indian languages. Swamy taught at the Veda Patashala run by Sankara Matam in Kumbakonam and at the time of Sanyasam was the chief adyapakar. He has trained more than 200 students in Rig Vedam, many of who are currently leading adhikaris in their field. Many of them vouch for swamy's extraordinary interest and commitment to teaching Vedam to students.


Swamy entered Grihastaashramam in 1988. He married Shrimathi Kousalya devi who was the daughter of Vadavanur Chenji Thirumalai Nallan Chakravarthy Krishnamachari and Shrimathi Jayalakshmi ammal. The couple were blessed with 3 girls and a boy. True to the family's tradition Swamy performed upanayanam of his poorvashrama son at the right age and made him undergo Veda adyayanam.